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As a company, EGENCO has earmarked a number of projects to increase power generation capacity. In the next one to five years, EGENCO plans to aggressively pursue projects that can double the power generation capacity in the country. EGENCO also aims to explore alternative sources of generating electricity that can complement hydro power generation, which makes up 98% of EGENCO’s current power generation capacity. In the meantime, the following are the projects that EGENCO is currently undertaking;


a) Scope: The project involves installation of a 20MW solar PV plant.

b) Project Impact: The project will increase the generation capacity and introduce a diverse power mix in the generation system.


a) Scope: The project entails procurement and installation of additional 10MW of the Peaking Diesel Generation Sets at Kanengo.

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a) Scope: The project involves capital dredging at Tedzani Intake reservoir and diverting a stream thatdeposits silt into the reservoir downstream of the barrage.

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a) Scope: The project involves coming with specifications, designing, manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning of generation plant.

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a) Scope: The project involves construction of a dredged material disposal area.

b) Impact: Will help EGENCO to meet its obligations in the MCA Dredger funded supply contract aiming at reclaiming lost generation (MWh) capacity at Kapichira Hydro Power Station.

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a) Scope: The project involves design and construction of trash diversion at Nkula Intake.

b) Project Impact: The project will reduce impact of floating debris at Nkula thereby improving power generation.

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