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Transformers being assembled at Mapanga diesel power plant

The work to install and commission EGENCO’s 20 Megawatts Diesel Generators Peaking Plant at Mapanga in Blantyre is progressing well. The contractor is currently finalizing the civil works. The generators are expected to be commissioned by end of June 2018 to add 20 megawatts to the national grid. There are 10 generators each with capacity of 2 Megawatts.

The generators have been procured by EGENCO from Techfab International and are not leased. The engines were manufactured in Japan and the transformers in India. It is expected that after commissioning, the power situation in the country will continue to improve.

The generators are one of the short-term measures that EGENCO is pursuing to quickly reduce the impact of insufficient power generation from the hydropower plants. In the long-term, EGENCO is currently constructing Tedzani IV, rehabilitating and uprating Nkula A to gain 12 MW. After Nkula A, EGENCO will also embark on rehabilitating and uprating Tedzani III Power station to gain 10MW. We are also currently conducting promotion of the 300 megawatts Mpatamanga hydropower to get private partnership for developing the project. The same is also the case with the 100 megawatts coal. EGENCO is also working on developing a 20 megawatt solar plant among others.


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