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Members of Parliament inside EGENCO’s Kapichira Hydropower Station

Two Parliamentary Committees on Natural Resources, and Commissions and Statutory Authorities visited the Electricity Generation Company (Malawi) Limited (Egenco) Power Stations to appreciate the work of electricity generation in the country.

The committee on Natural Resources visited the Kapichira Hydro Power Station while the

committee on Commissions and Statutory Authorities visited the Nkula power station.

Speaking after touring Nkula Power Station, Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises Honorable Abdul Naliwa, MP, expressed satisfaction with the work that Egenco is doing amidst a myriad of challenges chief among the low water levels in lake Malawi and siltation of the ponds. He therefore encouraged his fellow members of parliament to advise communities in their constituencies especially those living along the Shire river banks to avoid cutting down trees and bad agricultural practices which are contributing to the siltation of the ponds at the power stations.“We have been impressed, our committee is really appreciative because we have seen the improvements that are taking place at Nkula A and as well as at Nkula B so that we have electricity all day. Our expectation is to see light by the end of the day so that power that is being generated is able to meet the Malawi demand.” Said Naliwa.

On his part, Power Station Manager for Nkula, Mr Steven Kaira, thanked the MPs for coming in person to appreciate the challenges that Egenco is currently facing and appealed to the general public through the members of parliament to join hands in planting trees along the Shire river to avoid siltation of the ponds.

Nkula hydro power station has an installed capacity of 124MW and it is expected that after completion of rehabilitation of Nkula A the capacity will increase to 136MW.


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